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NJ School Report Card

The high school continues to increase in numbers as approximately 780 students from both Edgewater and Leonia are enrolled in grades 9-12 at Leonia High School.  We offer a varied program of studies designed to meet students’ individual needs and goals. The opportunity to participate in a multitude of extracurricular activities complements a demanding curriculum.

The high school restarted The Academies at Leonia Program during the 2013-2014 school year. The Leonia Academy of STEM (L.A.S.), which began in 2003, was revived after a two year hiatus and the Leonia Academy for Hospitality & Culinary Arts (L.A.H.C.A.) accepted its inaugural class. Since the revival of the Academy Program, The Rowena Gianfredi Marketing & Business Leadership (M.B.L.A), The Leonia Humanities Academy (L.H.A), and The Leonia Music & Arts Conservatory (L.M.A.C) have been added. The mission statement for each academy is to excite, motivate, and challenge students in a specialized course of study.  More details and applications can be found on the LHS website www.leoniaschools.org

Seniors and juniors have an option of enrolling in college courses on-campus or on-line, volunteering for community service or selecting a S.I.I.P. (Senior Individualized Independent Program) or J.I.I.P (Junior Individualized Independent Program), which allows a senior or junior to study an area of interest currently not part of the school’s Program of Studies. Arabic, Japanese, boat architecture, Calculus III, Materials of the Universe, the Elias Sports Bureau, and being a Teacher’s Assistant are a few of the S.I.I.P.s that seniors have participated in over the previous few years.

There is a mandatory summer reading program to allow students to choose from an extensive list of books, with over 100 selections in a variety of subjects. In early September, students “chatt” with teachers to assess their understanding of their chosen text. The program has been very successful and continues to expand each summer.

As a charter member of “Re-inventing New Jersey High Schools,” the district has further examined student transitions in the 6th and 9th grades. We continue to facilitate a year-long 9th grade orientation program, focusing on the transition from middle to high school and the student’s self-esteem.  Part of the 9th grade orientation program is a Peer Leadership Program where seniors mentor freshmen in small groups throughout the school year. In addition, after-school peer tutoring is available to the students by members of the National Honor Society.  Leonia High School seeks to engage all of our students with learning appropriate to 21st century challenges.

Recognizing the benefits of inclusion for our special education population, we implement a collaborative teaching model that enables us to mainstream our special education students.  In addition to the mainstream special education population, the high school also provides a comprehensive program for a class of Multiple Disabled students, called the Practical Academics and Community Education Program (PACE). Although self-contained for a majority of the day, the PACE students participate in all school activities, including the annual Senior Week celebration. The Evergreen Program of Bergen County Special Services moved to the high school and provides assistance to a group of students.  As with our other special education programs, inclusion is an important component of an Evergreen student’s schedule. During the 2010-2011 school year, an Applied Behavioral Assessment (ABA) program was added to the high school.

Leonia High School takes pride in the diversity of its student population.  “We Are All Americans Day” celebrates the uniqueness of our different cultures while recognizing that we all are part of the American culture.  The day’s activities and events include poetry-readings, music and dance performances, history lessons, and a day-long smorgasbord buffet with food from all over the world.

Notice To Parents:

If it is necessary to request a deferred assignment for your son/daughter due to the observance of a religious holiday, please send a written note to the Principal making that request. The note should be sent approximately one week before the religious holiday so that all the appropriate staff members can be notified.