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About LHS

Leonia High School

The high school continues to increase in numbers as approximately 830 students from both Edgewater and Leonia are enrolled in grades 9-12 at Leonia High School.  We offer a varied program of studies designed to meet students’ individual needs and goals. The opportunity to participate in a multitude of extracurricular activities complements a demanding curriculum.

Leonia High School offers six academy programs for students that have a passion for academic programs tailored to specific career paths.  In the academy programs students are grouped in small cohorts with other students that have similar interests. The programs allow students more opportunities to build relationships with fellow students, teachers, and business professionals.  Students taking part in one of the six academy programs are able to identify a possible future career path while in high school.  They take part in practical experience outside of the classroom that enhances the classroom instruction allowing them to build leadership & interpersonal skills.  Students can apply to be accepted into any one of the following six academy programs:

The Carolyn Smyth Leonia Academy of STEM
Leonia Academy for Hospitality & Culinary Arts
The Rowena Gianfredi Marketing & Business Leadership Academy
The Leonia Humanities Academy
The Leonia Music and Arts Conservatory
The Leonia Academy of Vocations & Trades
More details and applications can be found on the LHS website www.leoniaschools.org

Students can earn college credit while taking courses at Leonia High School through the Dual Enrollment Program.  Currently, students can earn college credit at Bergen Community College in Anatomy & Physiology, Calculus, English Composition, Psychology, Graphic Design, Advanced Graphic Design, Hospitality & Event Planning, Introduction to Novel, and US History II. The Dual Enrollment Program provides the opportunity for students to begin their college journey by taking college level courses while still in high school. In order to be eligible to participate in the program, students must meet certain academic requirement and demonstrate the ability to successfully complete the course. These credits are offered at a significantly reduced rates to students at Leonia High School.

In addition, Seniors and Juniors have an option of enrolling in college courses online, volunteering for community service or selecting a S.I.I.P. (Senior Individualized Independent Program) or J.I.I.P (Junior Individualized Independent Program), which allows a senior or junior to study an area of interest currently not part of the school’s Program of Studies.  

Recognizing the benefits of inclusion for our special education population, we implement a collaborative teaching model that enables us to mainstream our special education students.  In addition to the mainstream special education population, the high school also provides a comprehensive program for a class of Multiple Disabled students, called the Practical Academics and Community Education Program (PACE). Although self-contained for a majority of the day, the PACE students participate in all school activities, including the annual Senior Week celebration. The Evergreen Program of Bergen County Special Services moved to the high school and provides assistance to a group of students.  As with our other special education programs, inclusion is an important component of an Evergreen student’s schedule. In recent years, an Applied Behavioral Assessment (ABA) program was added to the high school.

Leonia High School takes pride in the diversity of its student population.  We have a multitude of opportunities for students to celebrate the uniqueness of our different cultures.  Students can join a variety of clubs and activities that allow them express and celebrate their diversity.  Some of the clubs that celebrate the diverse and inclusive atmosphere at LHS are the Multicultural Club, The Harvesters, Gender & Sexuality Alliance, Korean Culture Club, and the Greek Culture Club.