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LHS Administration

Charles Kalender
LHS Principal
(201) 302-5200, ext. 5200
Twitter - @LeoniaPrincipal
Mark Sernatinger
LHS Vice Principal 
(201) 302-5200, ext. 5201
Twitter- @LeoniaHSvp
Adrienne Stein
Director of Student
Services and Testing
(201) 302-5200 ext. 5210 
Steve Perrotta
Athletic Director
(201) 302-5200, ext. 5208 

Rockefeller University Trip

Seven students from AP Chemistry class and their teacher, Mr.Tharian from Leonia High School attended the 59th Annual Rockefeller University Science Lecture for High School Students on Saturday, Jan 12th, 2019. The lecture series was established in 1959 by Alfred Mirsky, a biochemist and Rockefeller University librarian. Dr.Mirsky modeled these lectures on a popular series of science lectures for children pioneered in London in 1826 by Michael Farday- known as one of the greatest experiments in the history of science.

Dr. Daniel Kronauer, Ph.D., a Professor and Head of the Laboratory of Social Evolution and Behavior at the Rockefeller University, delivered the lecture on the topic “The Social Lives of Ants”. Through exciting illustrations, the professor explained the behavior and social lives of ants. Dr. Kronauer combines genomics and transcriptomics, population genetics, molecular phylogenetics, neuroscience, laboratory-based behavioral experiments, and extensive field work to explore how natural selection has shaped these social systems at different hierarchical levels.   The Professor emphasized the need for scientific research through different techniques to understand the behavior of insect societies. Interactive demonstrations were also conducted during the lunch break. Students enthusiastically participated in these events and asked questions related to the lecture. The experience made them aware of research in higher education and different career opportunities in science.