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LHS Administration

Edward Bertolini
LHS Principal
(201) 302-5200, ext. 5200
Charles Kalender
LHS Vice Principal
(201) 302-5200, ext. 5201
Adrienne Stein
Director of Student
Services and Testing
(201) 302-5200 ext. 5210 
Steve Perrotta
Athletic Director
(201) 302-5200, ext. 5208 

Buddy” Lessons at Leonia High School

Cross-curricular learning is an exceptional trend in breaking down walls between traditional topics of instruction, and this practice—newly implemented at Leonia High School this year—has proven to be no exception. Teachers from different disciplines paired up and were tasked with planning, preparing, and delivering two lessons (one in the fall and one in the spring) that synthesized the two disciplines.

The first year of any new initiative will have its hiccups such as “pacing was off” or needing an “introductory lesson…before joining them together”, but overall LHS’s “buddy lessons” were a success due to the enthusiastic partnerships and collaboration between the pairs to ensure lessons were effective and engaging for students.

The feedback received from teachers was overwhelmingly supportive, as many were “please with my buddy’s efforts” and lessons were “stimulating and challenging” for students. Students “were appreciative to see two teachers in class combining their knowledge,” motivating them to “ask and answer questions.” The students “loved it” and “were interested in the topic and the way it was portrayed.”

Some sample lessons include:

French and English 
Sarah’s Key (novel) regarding the beginning of the Holocaust and the German invasion of France

Web Programming and Finance
Students learned about risk and detailed investment choices in Excel spreadsheets, created a webpage, and bolstered their portfolios. Students will revisit in the spring to see how their investments did.

Science and History
Looked at DNA and its use to identify relatives, leading into analyzing Thomas Jefferson’s lineage, ultimately to prove through primary, historical documents to determine if in fact Jefferson was the father of Sally Hemings’ children (a former slave).

History and Health
Political campaign of Harvey Milk (backdrop of the 1970s and sexual orientation)

English and Physical Education
The Amazing Race (students completed tasks related to physical fitness, reading comprehension, and problem solving skills as well as working in teams)

Marketing and Psychology
How companies position or frame messages in their marketing tactics to appeal to consumer